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Good day everyone! I will be sharing another outfit post today and it's all about t-shirt dress. What is a t-shirt dress? T-shirt dress is a shirt that is long enough to be considered as a dress. There are different kinds of t-shirt dress but what I have is the long black shirt with the "ADVISORY" print. I bought it in a local store in our country for only $5. You can also find it in Forever 21, Zara and other brands. 

T-shirt dress can be considered as an easy to wear kind of outfit and it is very comfy. If it is styled right, it will be chic, sporty or sophisticated so here are some tips on how to style your t-shirt dress   

 How to style your T-shirt Dress?

Fancy Footwear
T-shirts dress may be sometimes the definition of casual loungewear, but they don’t have to be. If you feel chic, pair it with your pumps or gladiators. If you feel sporty, pair it with your adidas shoes, nike,or any kind of rubber shoes.
Add a Cute Bag 
Whether it's a designer bag or just a simple bag, it can make a big impact on your outfit. You have to choose the right bag that will perfectly match your outfit  to make a right impression.   
Red Lips
Add a red lipstick to enhance your features and to complete your outfit.     


  1. Ive always loved the t-shirt dress cos it feels really chic..your sandals are cute

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