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Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. had their second Grand Eyeball here in Cebu. The event took place at the Café Racer, a period themed establishment that catered to 600 Yamaha Club members. Because of its classic location, the event was aptly called “Revtro: A classic congregation” which is a play on Yamaha’s “Rev’s your Heart” slogan.
Yamaha Grand Eyeball 2

The activity is not simply about getting all these members together and enjoy some food and drinks, that is already a given but the gathering aimed to create a greater camaraderie among them while educating them further about the latest products of the company. The Yamaha Club members were presented with Yamaha’s Blue Core technology, the Mio i 125 and the Soul i 125. Each would have a unique character that appeals to different riders, made better with the addition of the Blue Core engine and of course, when the presentations were over it was time for some fun and games. The Yamaha Club members participated in Slalom and Chidorri tournament, singing contest, and the Mr. and Ms. Mio competition.

The Yamaha Club has continued to grow in number since it began in 2010. Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. has taken all steps to make sure every member and every club is instilled with the passion of riding along with the principles that make them role models on the road. As a tradition, different clubs gather together in Yamaha sanctioned events called “eyeballs” which take place in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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  1. Looks like an awesome event!