Make up Brushes by Zaful

First of all, I would like to tell you guys that I am not a beauty guru. I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions about make up. If you have other way in doing your make up, please continue in doing it because what matters most is the result.

Make up brushes is really a must in doing our make up. It helps us to flawlessly spread the beauty products on our face. Way back then, I only use my hands in applying make up. (Like the foundations and other stuffs). Make up brushes is not yet popular at that time and I used to live in a province where make up is not necessary but I noticed that applying make up with a brush has different effect than applying make up with our bare hands.

When Zaful contacted me to review their make up brushes, I got excited so I researched their company in the web. Unfortunately, I saw a lot of bad reviews about their company that leads me to lessen my expectations. When the items arrived in our doorstep, I was amazed. In just a glance on their brushes, you can immediately say that they are made of high quality materials. It really did exceed my expectations. I though that it will look like a trash just like the reviews that I saw but I was wrong. It is really true that we should not judge a book by its cover.

Zaful is a one stop online shop for today's most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Their affordable collections are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista. The original idea about their company is to share the latest news and fashion trends on women’s clothing with fashion-forward, free-thinking girls, and we offer the fast fashion worldwide. 

It was established with a clear vision: to provide the very latest in compelling designs for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. They offer a select choice of clothing, shoes, accessories and more to deck out your wardrobe with style. Their exciting brands consist of emerging new designers and their discerning buyers have a keen eye for the best look anywhere so they can always find a style to call their own. Fashion is more than simply style: it also represents their aspirations, which is why their designs are as unique and individual as them.

Here are the Make up brushes they sent to me: 
Powder Blush Brush
Exact placement of concealer in harder to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose, chin and around the mouth.
 Face Powder Brush
Blend mineral products onto the skin
Precision Face Brush
 Application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as forehead and cheeks.
 Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush
Blends foundation easily onto hard to reach areas of the face.
Blush Brush
Buff Cream blush or concealer onto the skin
Eye shadow Brushes
Used to apply the eye shadow product onto your eyes
Brush Egg and Sponge
Used to blend your foundation on your face and to clean the brushes

If you have some questions or inquiries about this post, feel free to visit their website at or you may comment down below.

Mactan Newtown Beach finally opens!

I've been wanting to go to the beach after my college graduation but I don't have enough time to go to far places.I need to give myself a time to relax and unwind. Luckily, I received an invitation through Cebu Bloggers Society to the soft opening of the Mactan New Town Beach. 

Ever heard of the Portofino Beach Resort before? It was closed 3 years ago for some reason and finally, it is now open to the public with its new name Mactan New Town Beach! More improved and has so much more to share.
The Mactan Newtown's beachfront area will soon feature an exclusive, world-class beach club and more sports facilities that will further promote an active lifestyle by the beach.

The 11.5 hectare beachfront area of The Mactan Newtown, Megaworld's 30 hectare township in Mactan Island will let you enjoy water activities such as Stand Up Paddling, Jet Skis, Banna Boat and more, or relax with family and friends while appreciating the white sand shores and unparalleledviews of the Hilutungan Channel and Magellan Bay.
Mactan Newtown Beach Entrance Fee:
Php 150 per person
Php 200 per person
(25% off for Cebu residents if you present your I.D. showing your Cebu address)
Other Details:
Cottage Rental
Php 1500
(no limit on the number of people per cottage)
Beach Mat Rental
Php 300
Tables and Chairs
Php 300 to Php 800
 (depending on the capacity)

They don't have CORKAGE FEE for food!
The good thing about this resort is that they encouraged you to bring your pets while enjoying the beachfront. Yes, you read it right! Mactan Newtown Beach resort allows responsible pet owner to bring their pets.
Mactan Newtown, Mactan Circumferential Road, Lapu-Lapu City
Contact No.: +63 917 704 4893
For more information, visit:

Tom N Toms Coffee is finally here in Cebu!

The worlds famous Korean coffee chain and the top brand in South Korea based on the number of stores, finally opened last September 08, 2016 at The Greenery in Mabolo.

Launched in South Korea's capital Seouls' Apgujeung-dong District in 2001, Tom N Toms Coffee has grown to more than 600 branches in 9 different countries worldwide. The coffee chain also earned the honor of having K-pop sensation Hyuna as one of its honorary baristas earlier this year.
What sets apart Tom N Toms from other coffee chains is their very wide variety of food products. Tom N Toms has about 130 food and beverage to choose from, including freshly baked pretzels, pastries, breads, and pizza, and coffee drinks that range from the regular fare like Cappuccino and Latte to the original TomNccino iced blended drinks. It also offers beverages like fresh juice, smoothies, and tea.

Tom N Toms offers the usual variety of coffee drinks, espressos, frappes, smoothies, pretzels and snacks. But the shop also offers other amenities such as strong wifi, cozy seats, free charging, and a wide assortment of food from based goods to healthy picks and heavy meals.

According to its General Manager, Mr. Alba "Tom N Toms is not just about coffee but a space where people get together through our high quality coffee and delectable menu. This is the Tom N Toms experience that people around the world has come to love that we are bringing here in Cebu. A space where ordinary people meet up and hang out to refresh the body and soul in warm atmosphere with good food and coffee."
I would like to thank and PrWorks Inc. for inviting me to the bloggers night of the Tom N Toms Coffee Cebu.


Dresses have become a trend these days and unfortunately, most stores here in our country sells the dresses that are of the same design. It really disappoints us when we see someone else show up wearing the exact same dress in an event so you'd better find the dresses that are out of the ordinary or shall we say "extraordinary".

Last August 12, 2016, SM launched its latest clothing line named Fashion Forum. It is a multi brand boutique that is located inside the Department Store of SM Seaside Cebu stocking contemporary labels from the United States. Their selections will effortlessly take you from day to night, work to weekend and cocktails/long gowns for formal events with reasonable prices. 

Don't you girls love it? Different variety of clothes in just one store. Your energy will only be drained in selecting the dresses to buy and of course, you will love that dresses because they are made out from high quality materials. 
Here are some of their dresses:

I would like to thank Bisaya Short Films and SM Seaside Cebu for inviting me to the fashion show of Fashion Forum by SM.


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Sammy Dress approached me last month to do a  review about their items. I haven't heard about it before so I checked their website. I was amazed the first time I saw it because they have fashionable and trendy items with prices that are a lot way cheaper than the other online shops. Navigating into their site is as easy as 1,2,3. They have wide variety of categories and within that categories, are sub categories. Don't be deceived with their brand name Sammy Dress because they don't only sell dresses but also Men's Clothing, Accessories, Toys, Housewares, Intimate Lingerie, Shoes and other fantastic items and gift ideas. If you can't find the items that you are looking for in their categories, you can simply type it into their search box. You can also sort and apply filters through the items to make you online shopping experience much easier. 
The items I ordered from Sammy Dress arrived here in Cebu within a week but I didn't have it delivered yet because I encountered some problems with DHL and Bureau of Philippines Customs. DHL is charging me some overpriced amount. The declared amount of my package is 20 dollars and DHL is also charging me with 19.37 dollars. They told me that it was a payment for customs duties so I filed a complaint about it but they did nothing. They kept on calling me to claim my package. I got irritated so I claimed it instead. The items where placed inside a plastic bag with a letter from Sammy Dress. I got it within a month because 19.37 dollars here in our country is already a big amount. I have to minimize my expenses in our school for me to pay it (Take note that my problem with DHL has nothing to do with Sammy Dress).
Wine red crop top 
(Sammy Dress)
Retro Embossed Choker 
(Sammy Dress)
The word "edgy" keeps strolling on my mind this past few weeks so why not make it as an inspiration with Sammy Dress? Edgy comes up with a dark lips, black skirt, high cut sneakers or boots and a wine red top or depending on your style. You don't have to spend a lot to achieve the edgy vibe that you wanted. You only have to be creative and confident in  wearing it. This wine red crop top (click here) only cost 5.93 dollars and this retro embossed choker (click here) only cost 1.92 dollars. 

Wearing crop tops is my kind of thing so I chose this wine red crop top from Sammy Dress to review it. The crop top is very comfy and is perfect for Philippine weather. It was made out from a polyester cloth. If you're hesitant in buying it, don't worry because it is stretchable. The downfall of this crop top is that it keeps on going up. I pulled it back but it still goes up revealing my baby fats. This crop top has its own life. OK, I get it! That's what crop top is all about, showing a little bit of skin.

What I really like from the items I got from Sammy Dress is this retro embossed choker. I like it because it adds some edge to your style. When buying some fashion pieces, you should ask yourself first on what's the edge of that look compared to others. Don't worry if others will call you f*ckgirl when you wear a choker here in the Philippines because they are just insecure about it. What are you waiting for? To see is to believe! Try to explore now the website of Sammy Dress for an affordable fashion pieces.

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