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We have to make an advertisement for our marketing class.That advertisement will serve as our final exam.My groupmates and I planned to shoot our advertisement last Saturday at 9:00 am. I woke up at 7:30 so that I will not be late. On my way to the meeting place the traffic was so heavy. Because of that, I was one hour late. When I arrive at the place, they are already done in shooting our ad so we shoot again. ( Thanks to my group mates ).I can clearly say that our ad was really nice.I am wearing a lace top that is paired to my skater skirt. I have seen a lot of girls that in wearing a skater skirt they insert it to their top. To make a new look, I did not insert it. My lace top is a little bit see through so it is really suitable for my skater skirt.

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  Bracelet ( Forever 21
Top ( Thrifted )
Skater Skirt ( Thrifted )
Shoes ( Savezone )