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I kept on telling my friend ( Kathy Raddatz ) about La Vie that made her want to go there. She wanted to try their bread and wines.

At La Vie, we first stayed at the wine bar but we find it cold so transfer outside. Kathy also invited her friend to join us. While waiting for her, we played at the swing and took some pictures. It was around 2:00 pm when her friend came. I felt so close to her friend that I let her take pictures of me. ( Sometimes my friends keep on telling me that I was feeling close to their friends but I am just friendly to them. I wanted to have a lot of friends. ) We played at the trampoline that make us look like kiddos. Then, we ordered pizza and wine. After eating, we retouched our make ups and take pictures again.  

That top is supposedly to be paired with a leather leggings.When I tried to wear the leggings, unfortunately, it didn't fit. I roam around at the mall then, I saw this tattered shorts so I bought it. 

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  Bracelet ( Forever 21 )
Top ( Thrifted )
Shorts ( Thrifted )
Shoes ( Thrifted )

I like the sense of style of Kathy so I featured her in my blog.


  Shoes ( Forever 21 )
Leggings ( penshoppe )