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Kublai Khan had its first branch during the year 1999 in just a small area in Country Mall Cebu. The restaurant became a hit to the public so after a year, they opened their second branch in Ayala (which is now their main branch). The owner chose this kind of theme because her husband loves to eat Mongolian foods and it was the only eat all you can Mongolian restaurant in Cebu.
I always bumped in to Kublai Khan whenever I roam around in Ayala, but I I'm a little bit hesitant in going inside. I don't have any idea what it is and it looks expensive for me. The menu was placed near the door but I'm shy in looking at it.
When I saw the invitation of Kublai Khan through Cebu Blogging Community, I told myself that I should go there. I found out that I was wrong in thinking that Kublai Khan is expensive. In fact, their price is cheaper than the other restaurants in the mall. The good thing about Kublai Khan is you are able to choose your own set of ingredients for your bowl. Their best sellers are Check a bowl, One time fill bowl and Eat all you can. 
We were given the One time fill bowl. My friend suggested to name it as "Chili Sarap". It sounds weird but I can't think of another name. Wanna try my Mongolian food recipe? The ingredients are listed below:
1 thong cabbage
1/2 thong carrots 
2 thongs baguio beans
3 thongs sweet potato
1 bean curd
2 teaspoon native chili
3 teaspoon sesame seed
1 teaspoon garlic
3 thong beef
1 thong rice noodles
1 thong canton
1 ladle soya
1/2 ladle sesame oil
1 hot chili sauce 
1 ladle szechuan sauce 
1 ladle barbecue sauce
1 ladle teriyaki sauce

There's more!

Kublai Khan is challenging everyone to creatively make their own Mongolian recipe. 


Facebook page @KublaiKhanMongolianRestaurant and Instagram @kublaikhan_cebu

2. Share your own Kublai Khan One-time-fill Recipe on Facebook or Instagram with the following:
a. Photo of the cooked dish
b. Name of your own recipe (Ex: Beef Salpicao). Indicate the ingredients and use the hashtag ‪#‎iKHANcook‬ or ‪#‎iKHANcookchallenge‬. Make sure to mention or tag Kublai Khan in the post.

3. Competition runs from July 23-September 23, 2016.

4. Best 7 recipes will be chosen and be invited to compete in the ACTUAL RECIPE MAKING CONTEST that will be held at Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant Main Store at the Ayala Terraces. Each will receive 2 One-time-fill Gift Certificates.

5. Winners shall be notified and will be advised of the 2nd round competition mechanics.

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  1. I'm not much of a cook but this is great! <3