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Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. joined the biggest festival in the country last January 2016, the Sinulog Festival! It is a cultural celebration that brings together people with different interests from all walks of life, all with something to share.

Sinulog Festival is a  celebration of color and culture which is synonymous to the cool and trendy Mio i 125, an explosion of colors. The Mio Soul i 125 is bold and proud just like the different sights and performers to behold. The Mio Mxi 125 is just like the fast paced adventure that is the Sinulog Festival. 

Yamaha was also part of the Sinulog Festival Queen pageant where they awarded Cynthia of Masbate as the Rev Queen, an award for the participant that personifies what Yamaha is all about, Revving Hearts. 

 There's more!

During Sinulog 2016, Yamaha threw a free concert featuring the most famous DJ in the Philippines, DJ Patty Tiu and the singer songwriter, Bamboo. It was a night full of fun and I can clearly say that it was a blast.


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