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The Cebu City Mayor, Mike Rama, invites the media leaders of Cebu for an interactive forum at City Sports Club. He is ready to tackle all issues from the past, present, that will be addressed to him.
When I saw this event in the Cebu Blogging Community page, I find it interesting. There are lot of unanswered questions in my mind. Honestly, I am the kind of person who don't like politics because of corruption. I am already 18 years old but I don't have a plan to register myself to vote this coming election. There are a lot of rumors about politics that discouraged me to vote. While thinking about this event, I told myself that I should attend this forum because I know I will learn a lot from it. I should be involved for the betterment of our country.
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The event started with a video presentation about the works of Mayor Mike Rama for the past few years then followed by an open forum with the Mayor. I was just listening to them because I don't have a guts to ask the Mayor. To summarize everything, the forum mainly talks about the South Road Properties. The Mayor wants to meet the investors of South Road Properties after reportedly backed out from doing the drainage master plan study for the entire property. That master plan will serve as their guide to solve the flooding in Cebu City.

During the event, the Mayor also said that he will run again as a Mayor on the next election. He said that he is persistent and is never ending  in bringing oneness. Corruption is not his thing.  If he found out that anyone among hid members is into corruption, he will file case against that person.

What I learned during the forum

  • We are the government and we must be part of it

  • Even though there is corruption, we should still vote and weigh in who is the best for that position

  • We are standing for the truth for the truth will set us free


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  1. I like how you wrote about the event without exacerbation. Perhaps you could've asked Mayor Rama how he can cater to the Fashion Blogging Industry's problems when he wins again? Nice seeing you there! -Richard

  2. Great event! <3

  3. Great event!
    xo, Shell