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Tennis skirts has become a hot trend in the fashion world and it is not just for playing tennis anymore. If you're familiar with the site called Instagram, you will see a lot of girls wearing tennis skirts with different outfit ideas.
  A short history about TENNIS SKIRT
Women have been playing tennis in skirts for more than 150 years, "short" skirts weren’t seen on the courts until the 1920s. Before, women who played tennis wears floor length skirts, long sleeves and hats. Skirt hemlines started creeping up after World War II, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that miniskirts made a statement on tennis courts. The tennis skirt has grown short enough that near the end of the 20th century, manufacturers started creating skirts with built in panties or shorts so that players would not need special undergarments. Today, fashionable outfits and functional fabrics are the norm on the courts.
Tennis skirts is so easy to style. Just pair it to the kind of top that you feel comfortable with. I bought my tennis skirt from Forever 21. In wearing tennis skirt, I made it sure that I have paired it with an extra shorts for comfort and ease on anywhere I go. The polka dot crop top is also from Forever 21. I like to shop in forever 21 because they have a lot of items. Whether you're a small frame, medium frame or large frame, they have something for you. 
Things to consider in buying TENNIS SKIRT           


The first element to consider is cut. A-line, pleated, or straight cuts are the most popular styles for tennis skirts. Each cut has its own characteristics.


Tennis skirts come with either elastic or banded waists. Elastic waists are stretchy, which can be easier and more comfortable to put on and wear while banded waists may feel more secure.


Sizing is important, but as with all clothing, it varies from brand to brand. Buyers need to understand their own waist and hip measurements in order to find the best fit of a specific brand. 
I would to like to thank Emjae of EMJAE FOTOS for taking all these photos and to Jeph of KIAT CEBU for organizing the Cebu Blogging Community photo shoot. Our photo shoot is supposedly be taken outdoor under the heat of the sun. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate so we waited until the rain stops and decided to change the venue. But overall, our photo shoot is still a success! 
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  1. You look so chic.
    I love your sandals too :)

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  2. Did you liked my set of office decor inspiration? :')
    If yes, thanks a lot dear <3

    You are so comfy but so classic! Congrats :D

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  3. I've wanted to get a tennis skirt for ages, they look great!

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  4. Super cute!! Love your sandals!
    Kisses from Portugal


  5. Super cute!! Love your sandals!
    Kisses from Portugal


  6. Super cute!! Love your sandals!
    Kisses from Portugal


  7. I don't own a skirt like this, but I love it on you. Those tan sandals are the perfect pairing.

    Amy Ann
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  8. gorgeous outfit girl! I have never worn tennis outfit even if I used to play tennis for fun before :D

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  9. Loving the polka dots + pleats!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. Love the skirt with the gladiator sandals! Very flattering lovely!

    Sabrina | GYPSY T▲N

  11. This look is so cute! I love your skirt with the polka dot blouse

  12. Was this taken during the CBC FYS get together? Aaaah I wanted to come but I'm so far away at the moment. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of skater skirts. I love this black on black pairing!