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Don't know what to wear?
I have a great news for you!
I discovered an app that can be found in the Apple App Store named

"Should I wear this?" 

Should I wear this is the best way to get instant feedback on your fashion ideas.
It uses a peer reviewed rating system to let you know what the community thinks of your overall look. They privately share your outfit scores to give you control of your digital wardrobe collection. They also privately share user comments on each of your outfits, to let you know what other users think.

Unsure of how well you outfit works?
Model your look and anonymously ask the community!
Get constructive feedback on what outfits look great and what needs a little work.
Just want to share the awesome new esemble you put together?
Find out if you created a great new style trend and share with the masses.

Boutique and shop owners can now model up and find out exactly 
what their client base want to purchase as well as what to avoid.

Be inspired to look your best from real people around you.
See an article of clothing you like?
Favorite it for later when you want to try it.

Their commenting tool lets you make suggestions to other users about their outfit submissions. Offer advice on what someone should wear. Even just tell another user what you think they have great taste, because they do!


  1. This app sounds brilliant - a quick way to gain feedback on your outfits with total ease! My only concern is that it could also attract some negativity on outfits/appearances, although I'm sure the app has something in place to counteract that already :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. This app sounds awesome Jecelle! It's nice seeing you during CBC anniv :) following your blog now :)

    Rica |

  3. It is a great App if you're not too sure about your style or a current trend you may want to try. I always ask myself that question because I know what I like and what fits my body well. I have to trust my own judgement, haha!