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The Golden Prince Hotel and Suites presents to you a Taste of Heaven breakfast and dinner buffet that will surely fill up your appetite. The buffet is located in their newly opened restaurant Le'mon. They have different menus everyday depending on their hotel guests.The buffet is available for only 480 pesos inclusive of drinks, every Friday and Saturday, and according to the owner of Golden Prince Hotel and Suites, Benedict Que, they served only the best! which is true.

I am one of those lucky bloggers who got the opportunity to be invited by Golden Prince Hotel and Suites to try their dinner buffet.  When I arrive there, I was amazed by the interiors and the ambiance of Le'mon Restaurant. It is indeed a classy restaurant! and to think that it is the cheapest dinner buffet here in Cebu. The foods are also great. You will not waste your money if you'll eat there.
This is a must try!
So cheesy!
Go try their drooling sushi!
This will satisfy you cravings!
Our plate

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  1. Looks like a great buffet! The sushi looks goooooodddd <3