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Hello again lovely readers ;) 
Whats up?
I will be sharing to you two outfits today with the same shirt.

First #OOTD 
(Graduation outfit )
 My brother just graduated last Tuesday & I have to look nicely. (hahahaha)
A week before his graduation, I went to the mall here in Cebu (From SM to Ayala) just to find that nice outfit & ended buying this skirt from WAGW. 

SM WOMAN (Top), WAGW (skirt), SM PARISIAN (shoes) , FOREVER 21 (bracelet)

Second #OOTD 
( Recollection outfit )
 When we had our recollection, as you can see I wore this outfit because its comfy & we have to walk to the mountain before will get to the venue. 

"As a human being, it is natural for us to commit a sin. That is why we should give time to recollect or recall the things that we have done. Last October 9, 2014, we had our recollection in our ReEd 4 class. We started our day by walking from USJR Basak Campus to Talavera House of Prayer. It was pretty far and tiring but when we arrive there all our efforts are worth. Talavera House of prayer has a nice ambiance and scenic views that is suitable for praying.

I did not expect that our recollection will be full of fun and not boring because the usual recollection is sharing experiences. Of course, I don't want to be sad. The first thing that we did during the recollection was an activity entitled. "Get to know you". We are tasked to find our partner and those who cant find their partner will introduce their selves through singing or dancing. Luckily, I found my partner. After that we had a sharing that was conducted by the male teacher. I learned a lot of things from his sharing. First, Jesus prays. It made me realize to pray for others not just for yourself. Jesus always pray for our goodness. Second, forgive yourself. I know that sometimes we commit mistakes and started to hate ourselves but we should always remember that we are not perfect and God will always forgive us from our sins. How can we forgive others if we cant forgive ourselves. Third, we should spend time with our loved ones. In our society these days, there are a lot of temptations that we encountered. Like , the social networking sites that made us self centered. We should not let that temptations make us selfish. Lastly, Jesus is a loving caring and forgiving God.

After the sharing, we prepared ourselves for the confession then attended a mass."
SM WOMAN (top), Thrifted (Jeans), SOLEMATE (shoes), Thrifted (spike)

" Tell me what outfit you like "

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  2. Super cute!
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  3. You look lovely.

  4. Love your gladiators in the first look. Thanks for stopping by &
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  8. Cute looks :)

  9. Great looks. I think I like it better with the skirt

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  10. I love the top, esp with the skirt.

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  11. Cool shirt! Love those jeans! <3

  12. Casual style ^^ Suits you so well!!! Great tshirt!!

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  13. nice comfy shirt! :-)

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  14. You look amaziiiing! Love both outfits!

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